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Instagram new Test Feature ‘Flipside’: What is it and How Does it Work?

Craving a space on Instagram where you can ditch the curated feed and share your unfiltered self with just your closest crew? Well, Instagram might just have the answer in its new, experimental feature called Flipside.

Think of Flipside as your Instagram alter ego, a private section within your existing profile dedicated to sharing content exclusively with a chosen list of friends. It’s essentially Instagram’s take on the infamous Fake Insta phenomenon, where users create separate accounts for a more personal online persona. But with Flipside, the privacy and intimacy stay within your main profile, eliminating the hassle of juggling multiple accounts.

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So, how does it work?

  • Creating your Flipside: Accessing Flipside is currently limited to a select group of testers, but if you’re lucky enough to have it, you’ll find a “Create Flipside” option in your profile settings. Once activated, you can curate your Flipside audience by adding specific friends from your existing connections.
  • Sharing on the Flipside: Photos, videos, and Reels posted to your Flipside are only visible to your chosen list. They won’t show up in your main feed, explore page or anyone else’s feed outside your Flipside circle. Think goofy selfies, inside jokes, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or anything you wouldn’t normally share publicly.
  • Keeping it exclusive: Flipside posts have their comment section and direct messaging, further separating them from your public interactions. You can even control who can reply to your Flipside content, ensuring your inner circle remains truly intimate.

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The appeal of Flipside:

Flipside offers several advantages over traditional Instagram:

  • Privacy and control: You decide who sees your most personal content, creating a safe space for self-expression without judgment.
  • Deeper connections: Sharing less-polished content can foster stronger bonds with your close friends, leading to more authentic interactions.
  • Content freedom: Break free from the pressure of curated perfection and embrace the joy of sharing unfiltered moments.

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The Flipside of Flipside:

While exciting, Flipside also raises some potential concerns:

  • Limited access: Currently in its testing phase, the feature is not yet available to everyone, creating a sense of exclusivity that might not sit well with all users.
  • Echo chambers: Sharing only within a close circle could potentially limit exposure to diverse perspectives and viewpoints.
  • Social pressure: The fear of missing out on Flipside content might create a new kind of pressure, especially for teenagers.


The future of Flipside:

It’s still too early to predict whether Flipside will become a permanent fixture on Instagram. However, the feature’s focus on privacy and deeper connections aligns with broader trends in social media. If the experiment proves successful, Flipside could revolutionize how we share and connect online, offering a more intimate and authentic alternative to the often-curated world of Instagram.

Instagram Flipside To Bolster Private Posts

Conclusion: A Flip on the Future of Sharing

Instagram’s Flipside experiment is a bold step towards redefining online self-expression. It offers a haven for authenticity, a chance to ditch the pressures of perfection and connect with your closest crew on a deeper level. While concerns around exclusivity and potential echo chambers linger, Flipside’s focus on privacy and intimacy resonates with a growing desire for genuine connection in the digital age.

Whether Flipside becomes a permanent fixture or fades into the annals of Instagram’s experimental graveyard remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: it has sparked a conversation about the future of sharing online, challenging us to reconsider the way we curate our digital personas and fostering a yearning for more meaningful connections in the virtual world. So, the next time you reach for your phone to post, ask yourself: is it for the feed, or is it for your Flipside? The answer might just flip the script on your entire Instagram experience.



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