How To Find the Best Rental Accomodation in Costa Rica

How To Find the Best Rental Accomodation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is definitely on the travel list for every person fascinated by wanderlust. Its rich diversity, fantastic beaches, and mountain ranges make it an ideal holiday destination, even for those with distinct tastes.

Tourism has significantly increased in Costa Rica in the last few years. Can you believe that the market size of Costa Rica alone from tourism is expected to be US$327 in 2024?

With increased tourism driving up the market size of Costa Rica’s tourism industry, the demand for accommodations has surged.

With so many people finding accommodations in this country, are you worried about not finding luxurious rental homes in Costa Rica?

While the options are limitless, finding an excellent play to stay definitely is no easy feat. For this reason, we have a guide for you that takes all your worries about finding the best rental accommodation: 

Know All the Rental Options

Costa Rica, a popular travel destination, offers unlimited rental accommodations. However, it is crucial to find the ideal option for you.

What works best for you depends on your budget, preferences, and suitability for your trip to Costa Rica. Different options include hotels, resorts, villas, condos, rental homes, and hostels.

Here are the pros and cons that you must consider before booking:

Accommodation Type



Suitable For


  • Convenient amenities (e.g., room service, concierge) 
  • Typically centrally located
  •  Consistent service and quality
  • Expensive
  • Limited space and privacy
  • Business travelers
  • Tourists looking for convenience and amenities


  • Wide range of amenities (e.g., pools, spas, restaurants)
  • Often located in scenic areas
  • All-inclusive options available
  • Pricey
  • May feel isolated from the local culture
  • Honeymooners
  • Families seeking relaxation and recreation


  • Privacy and exclusivity
  • More space, including multiple bedrooms and living areas
  • Often come with private pools or beach access
  • The only con is you shouldn’t book villas if you are traveling alone (or with fewer travel buddies)
  • Families or groups looking for luxury and privacy


  • More space and amenities than hotel rooms
  • Often include kitchen facilities for self-catering
  • Can be found in residential areas for a local experience
  • Less service and amenities compared to hotels
  • May lack daily housekeeping
  • Couples or families seeking a home-away-from-home experience

Rental Homes

  • Complete privacy and autonomy
  • Ideal for longer stays
  • Often located in residential neighborhoods for an authentic experience
  • Limited or no on-site support
  • Quality and cleanliness may vary.
  • Extended vacations
  • Families or travelers seeking an immersion in local culture

Finding the Right Location To Live

It depends on various factors that are discussed below:

What are your personal preferences? Do you find solace in beaches, like to explore the serene beauty of the mountains or experience city life?

Depending on what you want to explore, you can find Costa Rica villas for rent in close proximity to what you find fascinating.

On the other hand, if you want to explore the popular destinations of Costa Rica like Tamarindo and Jaco, it is good to find the best accommodation options in the mentioned cities. Those who want to give the less (touristy options) explored places can opt for off-the-beaten-path locations.

Do you want to stay close to all the amenities?

If you want to stay close to all the perks, like transportation services and groceries, choose a location that offers them. 

Budget Considerations

The price is the most crucial factor to consider when finding the ideal accommodation. The overall cost for your stay will depend on factors including the following:

  • The location of your accommodation (the prime locations will be costlier than less explored destinations)
  • The type of accommodation (With a limitless variety of options, you can find both luxurious, costly, or budget-friendly options to stay)
  • The time of your travel (If you are traveling in the peak season, expect a surge in overall costs)
  • Length of your stay
  • Availability of occupancy
  • Travel Companions

Don’t Underestimate the Reviews

Reviews can help you gain insights into various aspects, such as hygiene and customer service. While reviews are crucial, it is also essential to know that they are authentic and reliable. 

Consider Amenities

You definitely don’t want to compromise your comfort on a long weekend at a well-deserved vacation. For that, you must choose to stay in a place where you have all the facilities available at ease.

So, before you finalize rental homes in Costa Rica, carefully review all the amenities and facilities provided. Here’s a checklist of amenities to look out for:

  • Look out for whether airport transfer costs are included or not.
  • Confirm whether air conditioning, Wi-Fi services, pools, luggage storage, and parking space are provided.
  • If you have special requests, it is best to highlight them before your booking. For instance, if you travel with your pet, confirm if pet-friendly accommodation is provided. In cases of allergies, it is best to inform the hosts beforehand. 


Finding the best rental accommodation in Costa Rica requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure a memorable and comfortable stay.

By considering the above factors, there is no chance for you to miss a luxurious and comfortable stay. Paying attention to reviews, verifying amenities, and assessing the suitability of the accommodation for travel companions are essential steps in making an informed decision.

Have any more doubts? Comment down, and we will ensure you don’t compromise a comfortable stay in this adventurous city!

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