7 Home Builder Marketing Strategies To Stand Out

What’s the biggest purchase of your lifetime? Yes, a new home. Not only does it involve huge investments but it also takes up efforts. 

Thus, It’s a no-brainer that if the customer is considering buying or building a new home, they’ll be taking care of every little thing including choosing only a reputable business to deal with.

That’s where the importance of the right marketing slides in. If you want to establish yourself as a reliable home builder, then you need to know how to position yourself correctly. 

Here, we have curated a list of the seven most practical home builder marketing strategies you can leverage to stand out among your rivals and win customers. Remember, we are talking about digital marketing strategies here.

So, are you ready to take the lead? Let’s dive right in!

Seven Home Builder Marketing Strategies To Establish Yourself In The Business

  • Define Who Your Target Market Is

Start with researching your target market. Define their demographics like gender, age, location, levels of income, and preferences. This will help you get your messaging right and resonate with your target.

  • Start With A Professional Website

Once you’re through with your target market, start working on your online presence. Have a compelling and intuitive website for your customers. It should be easy to navigate and load quickly. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile phones too. Around 50% of leads visit websites through their smartphones. Make it easy for them to reach you.

  • Hire An SEO specialist For General And Local Search Rankings

Talking about reach, there’s another critical element of digital marketing that helps in your visibility—Search engine optimization. Simply put, it decides where your website ends up in Google search results. 

Whenever someone searches for anything related to your business, you would want your website to appear in the top search results. So, make sure you hire an SEO expert who knows all the workarounds of search engine rankings. They’ll fine-tune your website with the right keywords, create relevant and valuable content for your customers, build backlinks, and a lot more so that your website earns a place on the first page of search results. 

What is more, an SEO specialist or a professional digital marketer knows the importance of local SEO. It goes a long way in having a competitive edge over your local competitors. This includes optimizing your website for certain locally relevant keywords, having a Google business profile, optimizing your site’s speed for local searches so that it loads better, creating locally relevant content, and much more.

  • Bring Your Prospects To Your Website

Bringing your customers to your website is a real task and goes beyond SEO. You would need a full-fledged inbound marketing plan that will help you attract quality traffic. Again, hire a professional digital marketer for the process. They will tailor the plan considering your unique business needs. 

Some of the strategies they’ll be taking on board for inbound marketing are SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Banner Advertising, Content Marketing, and Blog SEO. 

  • Convert Them Into Leads

Now you have the right traffic on your site but work doesn’t end here. In fact, the real hassle begins from here only. Today, buyers are more rational. What does it mean for you? Well, they research inside out before they commit their money. So, you must build your prospect’s trust with a visually appealing website that has beautiful imagery and video content. Visual content is the king today. It tells your audience what you’re offering them.

You can provide 3D rendering services, brochures, registration forms, and newsletters to create engagement and encourage relationship building.

  • Have A Follow-Up Plan

Following up is the most vital step after lead generation. Have a follow-up plan ready for different types of leads. Different types of leads? Well, a lead who has just filled out a registration form is different from the lead who is already in contact with you enquiring about different home options. You would want to have tailored follow-up plans for each type. 

Don’t make them wait. Use strategies like email marketing, 1:1 follow-up calls, live chat, and conferences that have an active response system in place.

  • Run Paid Ads On Google

While you’re still working on your site’s search engine optimization, running paid ads on platforms like Google and Facebook can give you immediate visibility. On Google, your ad will be the first thing that appears before any organic search results and Google map listings when searchers type the keywords you’re targeting.

Targeted ads on Google are the best way to not only attract leads but it can also take care of existing leads that haven’t converted yet. It uses a method called remarketing where the visitors will see your ads again based on their previous history. 

This is particularly helpful for home builders as the customers usually take time to make a final decision.


And that’s it, people! Any of the strategies we have mentioned above will surely help you establish yourself as the leading home builder in the market if executed the right way. 

Another bonus tip: In addition to your official website, maintain your online presence across all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and third-party marketplaces. 

Just remember one thing, don’t market yourself to sell, but to build long-term relationships your customers will cherish.

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